Content editing


After weeks of hard work, your magnum-opus of long-form content is finally ready to be put out there for thousands of readers to read…

Or is it?

You’ve looked through your work from first word to the last, you can’t seem to find any errors, but somehow it’s still not share-worthy. You feel there are editing errors which you have failed to identify and it’s time someone else had a look at it.


Good content and bad content editing are two puzzle pieces that just WON’T work together.

But if fit right, they would make all the difference.

Isn’t it cringe worthy when you have that “what a beautiful website!” moment and suddenly you see a misspelled word or a missing punctuation mark that changes the meaning of the whole sentence?

Don’t let that happen to your hard-written content.


Copy editing is mostly focused on grammar, syntax, good sentence composition, effective word choice, tenses, punctuation, case, missed and/or repeated words and paragraph and sentence length. And these are just to name a few things about good copy.

A content editor would prepare a relevant style sheet of word preferences and other rules required to be followed for the respective written piece. For example, you might want to include some industry-specific jargon or idiosyncratic words.

A Content editor is your life-size Microsoft Word and Merriam Webster, combined.

Editors are trained at intensive content scrutiny. Call them literary binoculars if you will.

They can spot errors you can’t.

Editors are skilled at reading and scrutinizing content from your potential readers’ perspective. They would be able to tell you whether or not your content is good enough/would sell. They make sure you revise and even rewrite if necessary.

An editor’s involvement in your work would not only make it error-free, but also improve its ratings on the scales of structure, relevance, believability and overall acceptance.

Edited content sells more

Your word to the audience becomes easier to back up because there are no repetitions, big claims, unnecessary flashiness, or confusing jargon to drive the customer away or raise any objections toward your unique selling proposition. Simply put, it becomes more believable.

A piece of well-edited writing is just like a beautiful song that makes your heart skip a beat

Any piece of content becomes extraordinarily captivating. Be it a story or a business idea.

With editing, your story would become flipping amazing that the readers refuse to put down without finishing. The readers’ attention span will broaden and the story would keep them interested. How? By maintaining a decent pace of the story and holding the plot together.

If it’s a business idea, editing will make it sound more convincing, to the point and relatable.

Editing in a nutshell, would remove the excess and run your content through a refinery funnel after which, the end result would be game-changing content that would set a lasting impact.

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