Copywriters just write. Right?

No. Copywriters don’t JUST write.

They write words that trigger immediate actions.

They put together sentences that

Their strategic word craftsmanship drives results.

If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative - David Ogilvy.

I am a Copywriter- I see the bigger picture.

Great copywriters understand that
copywriting is as much an art as it is a science.

Art is subjective, business branding is not.

Which is why witty wordplay doesn’t impress anymore. The buyer wants to speak to the brand and be spoken to. They want to know you, and know all the things that matter.

They need to know why you should have their time, attention, money & loyalty and not the other seller.

Know WHO  you ARE, know WHAT  you’re SELLING, know WHO  you're selling it TO.

It’s not about writing catchy lines that are expected to trigger sales, neither is it about making big promises through copywriting that brands can’t fulfill.

It’s about showing the real picture to your customers through honest claims- a thorough introduction and a detailed overview of what values you, as a business or brand, are bringing to the table.

That is achievable through GOOD copywriting- The kind that I will write for you.

Message is half of the equation. You need to know how best to deliver that message.

Good copywriting speaks your audience’s language. It influences their mind into reacting to your persuasion by positioning your brand USP in their minds as a need, not as a want. All this, and it captures the right people in the right places at the right time.

Good copywriters are like literary chameleons- they easily adapt to different styles of writing without trying too hard.

I am that color-changing, Nay, GAME- changing chameleon that needs to take a look at your business copy.

Good copy-writing is like a whiff of captivating fragrance

It doesn’t let a reader go by without casting its magic- wrapping its literary arms around them, whispering in their ear. They know they
must have what you’re selling.

If your brand is a masterpiece, then copywriting is the golden frame around it. It enhances and transforms into something bigger and better.

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