• A visionary who’d like to see a changed world just through the power of eloquence
  • An aspiring writer who never disappoints
  • A professional who holds work above all else
  • Currently looking for publication opportunities
  • Learning Spanish & Arabic (learned enough to gives natives a fit of laughter)
  • Reading books that really matter
  • Working hard and showing people what good writing could do to a business.
  • A crazy person who likes to yell in a cup and blow bubbles in beverages


  • A multilingual who speaks 10 languages at least (4 down)
  • Talked of as “That kickass writer girl”
  • Someone who amateur writers would look up to
  • The Lord Voldemort of professional women- the one that men are scared of.


You don’t have to, but here’s why you SHOULD

I’m friendly. I’m understanding. I’m approachable

I take immense pride in my promise to deliver- whether it’s the content quality that is in question, or meeting a tight deadline, I have always striven to hit the marks and proven that I am dependable in all respects.

Being a dependable person, I create a comfort zone for clients, such that it’s super easy to communicate with me, day or night, problem or no problem. I welcome criticism and am always open to comments, queries and complaints.


Having studied advertising, and acquired hands on experience in various niches, I understand what it’s like to be a seller AND a consumer. The familiarity with varied areas in marketing and Sales has given me a competitive advantage over others.

A Problem Solver

I have been head-hunted by various businesses big and small to step in and save their content from collapsing. Believe writers when they say” there is no worse digital crisis than a bad content crisis.”

More often than not, it’s a situation where brands face a literary dead-end, or what we like to call a block

After all, it’s what I am here for.

A “Getting Stuff Done” Specialist

Gone are the days when you would write cursory content and get over with the job.

A specialist:

  • Identifies the problem
  • Analyses the probable cause of those problems
  • Comes up with a solution that’s bound to work for the best

A ‘getting stuff done’ specialist however, does all that AND sets a reverberating impact. No one wants ephemeral content written for themselves, do they?